Friday, June 22, 2007

A Very Civil People

It's been literally ages since I or any of us updated the site, and seemingly for no good reason either other than being desperately lazy. Especially in the light of all the wonderful sounds that are floating around in our collective ears in 2007, so in a genuine attempt to redress the balance, without further ado, etc etc.....

Dan Heywood's New Hawks are one of those instantly familiar bands whose songs seem to strike a chord almost immediately when I saw way back in the frozen arctic months earlier this year. It was a weekend centered around a very special Panda Bear performance in a frankly quite tiny little venue somewhere in wildest Manchester, but that's another story altogether one which you can read about HERE. Anyway back to the point the following evening there was a big choice to be made enjoy the hospitality of Dunk Le Chunk and his fireside warmth down at the Red Deer Club or venture further out risk not being able to find a venue deep in the heart of Salford (not that deep as it actually turns out). So in the end after much coin flipping, it was decided to take a trip into 'the other city'. After a few wrong turns and some rather worryingly poor advice from a passer-by the venue was found and everything was ok.

Anyway back to the point of sorts, Dan Heywood's New Hawks are a semi fluid gathering of like minded wanderers led by Heywood himself. Who far from curating in a Billy Shears mentor way actually directs the the flow of the music through his West Midlands meets Lancastrian vocal stylings. Dan formerly a member of aspiring alterna-rockers The Puma Sutras, is originally from Stourbridge but relocated oop north because circumstances wanted him to, and that's as good a reason as any really isn't it? Drawing from Hebridean folk music and putting it through the cosmik mangler by way of the seventies commune led Krauts is what this bunch of fluid artists do best. Sometimes when you see them you might hit on a seven piece at other times more or less dependent on who is free to play. The time I saw them supporting Starless & Bible Black and The Lightshines we were subject to the aforementioned seven piece show. A band featuring amongst others Trish Stanish on Violin, Paddy Steer on wayward Timpani, legendary Nashville player Gary "GT" Thistlewaite on Lap Steel and Heywood himself leading from the front.

Currently enjoying a symbiotic relationship with host label Timbreland Recordings DHNH are said to be possibly considering recording an album, rumored to be an epic 29 tracks long and possibly in the great tradition of commune styled bands released only on gatefold double vinyl. Or possibly not, the one constant thing about Dan Heywood is that more often than not you'll be able to find both him and the New Hawks somewhere in Lancaster. Meanwhile enjoy something direct from them,,,

Kopper Kettle (MP3)

New Wool (MP3)


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