Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Phonographers Union: The Preserving Machine

I've decided that 2007 is going to be a year of firsts for the venerable monks here at Throwaway Style. By way of validating that let me introduce you to the first in a (possible) series of compilations for your aural satisfaction. Mix-tapes and compilations have been the bed rock of my listening tastes and its quite often through that process we are introduced to musics that excite us enough to warrant writing about them and sharing them with you. The last few years in music have seen a rich and fertile land of music develop in the knotholes and crags of the surface of popular culture and its there where often the best noise come from.

So ahem yes on with the show or something; where possible I will provide links to the artists in question for your further investigation:-

  1. Pink Mountaintops - Lord Let Us Shine
  2. Raccoo-oo-oon - Diamonds In The Dune
  3. The Polkadot Sunflower Bed Orchestra - The Sun Reflects Straight Off Your Eyes, To My Heart. How Enchanting.
  4. Animal Collective/Kocani Orkesta - Oi Bori Sujie
  5. Drakkur Sauna - Very Much Alone, Part 4: Oh Fuck, I'm Fucked, Fuck
  6. Maths & Physics Club - La La La Lisa
  7. Miracle Fortress - Hanky Panky Nowhow
  8. Elephant Micah - Saint Lucy
  9. Feathers - To Earth His Own
  10. Flying Saucer Attack - Come & Close My Eyes
  11. Wood & Wires - Canes Venatici
  12. Eric's Trip - Blinded
  13. Faraquet - Sea Song
  14. Treepeople - No Doubt
  15. Dragon Or Emperor - Your Success
  16. Jah Division - Heart & Soul Dub
  17. Handsome Furs - Dead & Rural
  18. Mort Garson - Symphony For A Spiderplant
  19. Plants - The Mind
  20. Flying Canyon - In The Reflection
The Phonographers Union: The Preserving Machine

*please support the artists where possible


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