Saturday, March 31, 2007

Disfunctional Elements

Brooklyn seems to have it all in terms of music output, having spawned countless armies of the most critically lauded bands/musicians in the last seven years. A direct line which can be traced backwards through all and any mutation of music you or I can possibly imagine be that the twisted folk cum electro freak punk of Animal Collective or the sepia tinged bedroom symphonia of Grizzly Bear. Blues Control are the newest band in this lineage to have gathered already in their short lifespan an exited air of expectation. A nom de plume for Lea Cho and Russ Waterhouse of established outer limits explorers Watersports. By no means is Blues Control's oeuvre a completely unexplored subject (Royal Trux have been there done that in all its faded day-glo glory already) but the panache with which they move around in the sphere of lo-fi splattered blues exploration is something to behold.

To term this 'blues' in the traditional sense is perhaps a little bit misleading, the tag instead comes from the band's choice of instrumentation. Guitar, keys, harmonica and vocals (treated) are the traditional elements that sit quite well alongside less obvious drum loops and found sounds. Sometimes sludgy loping rock sitting neatly alongside more intricate detailing allowing the project to almost plot a direct line of ascendency between drone lords The Dead C and more open experimentation of the likes of No Neck Blues Band or Mouthus.

With one self released and now out of print cassette to their name, Blues control aim to completely take over the known world this year with a new cassette "Riverboat Styx" on Fuck-It Tapes and a limited vinyl release on offshoot Woodsist to date. A release heavy schedule to follow this year with a d├ębut proper due on Holy Mountain in May and further releases on Not Not Fun and American Grizzly to follow later still. All fit together to make Blues Control one of, if not the most interesting prospects to pile-drive its way into the collective concious this year. File under interested definitely...

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Losing Game (MP3)


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