Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sustained Spectral Harmonics

Formed in the recent past in Baton Rouge, Louisana; Wilderness Pangs started out life as a Creedance Clearwater Revival tribute act. Originally a duo comprised of Randy Faucheux (Guitar, Percusion, Feedback, Anything Else) and Brandon White (Guitar) who shared vocal duties. Between those faltering early steps and the place we call now, they have evolved into a slightly more incandescant beast. in the process and in the words of the band themselves this process began when they took a journey to the centre of the earth and discovered a breed of fire breathing animal called gigantodons. A realm where rap music doesn't exist. Hokey stories aside what they did find at the centre of the earth was a more cohesive playing style one which takes notes from the overlords of the current psychedlic scene: Animal Collective.

Fast forward a couple of years and the duo were joined by full time bassist and drummer Jeremy Baptiste. The pallette of influences was extended further to include leftfield rap collective cLOUDEAD and the introverted psyche canvases of Spaceman 3 and the outsider acolyte of New York's Tower Recordings; James Toth (Wooden Wand). This enabled the unit to begin playing live and to flesh out those ideas collated over the embryonic stage of their development into a self pressed CD-R release. In late 2006 they also signed to German label Broken Ear with a view to releasing a fully realised version of the now out of print early material.

The Elephant Ghost Saga Part 3 (By Night)

Parallel Gigantadons


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