Friday, January 12, 2007

Hidden Pathways

There are many names in music today who are unfairly or otherwise not known; a lot of the time for no good reason other than word of mouth hasn't passed along the grape vine fast enough. When WIRE magazine's David Keenan coined the phrase 'New Weird America' back in August 2003 who could've known what was destined to happen to the fledgling movment (despite its hidden roots in just about every form of popular music since the late 60s.). Who could've forseen the rise of Animal Collective, the dissolution of The Tower Recordings into a million brilliant shards or Devandra Banhart becoming the figurehead of the offshoot bastardisation 'Freak Folk' movement?!? Then the the Finnic equivelent of vikings invaded and brought with them a whole load of wonderful feral folk, the likes of which is still wowing people three years later!

Back to the point though! One of those names that is passed around in hushed circles who really does deserve far more recognition is Matthew De Gennaro. A search of the intetnet reveals very little about this man, most often passing references as a footnote to one of New Zealand's underground lynchpins Alaistar Galbraith. Matt has thus far released a couple of collaborative affairs with the aformentioned in differing press runs on small run labels. These in themselves reveal that he is a consumate finger pick guitarist who can happily count Jack Rose and James Blackshaw as contemporaries. His style recalling at times that of John Renbourn/Burt Jansch as much aluding to the beloved American primative of John Fahey.

Away from his collaborative work he has also found the time to produce three albums of solo material; "Under The Sun" a limited pressing of 50 on Epigonic Recordings, followed by a second release "5" on the same label. Finally thus far at least "Humbled Down" on the Last Visible Dog imprint in 2005.

Matthew De Gennaro - Ross Creek Wander


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