Sunday, February 12, 2006

Fahey Blows His Nose

Last night I was fortunate enough to catch Jack Rose on the third night of his brief UK jaunt with drummer Chris Corsano, who has recorded and played with artists such as Ben Chasney, Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Jim O'Rourke, Daniel Carter, Sunburned Hand Of Man and Matt Valentine etc

First up last night was Last of the Real Hardmen. The line-up for LOTRH varies, but is always centered around the finger picking of Lords guitarist Chris Summerlin. Tonight he is joined by Lucinda Chua and Patch (Designer Babies). Tonights performance is what i've come to expect from LOTRH, but the addition of drummer to the mix, comes off suprisingly well, and to rapturous applause from the Nottingham crowd.

Chris Corsano, had the uneviable repuation of a 'a solo drum show with no parallel' to contend with last night. Fortunately, he was well up to task, and certainly lived up to his live billing. You don't tend to see many drummers using their elbows and cellotape as means of creating drum sounds. If you like your drumming avant guard - or even just a little different - than get yourself to a Chris Corsano show. Last night the crowd were climbing over themselves to see how he was making the sounds he was making; I was closer than most, and i'm still none the wiser.

If you haven't heard Jack Rose he plays steel-stringed acoustic guitar, and blends blues and folk with Eastern and Western elements. He also plays in the Richmond band, Pelt and has spend the last few years tranversing the globe in both projects. He kick starts his set with Kensington Blues - the title track from his most recent album. Much like the late folk intrumentalist, John Fahey, he enjoys pushing the boundaries of what a guitar can achieve and is more than a master at his craft. He takes the time out to thank the crowd; the artists that have played tonight; and to Damn You! collective for making it all possible, before plowing into three Fahey dedications - one of which I think was Orinda-Moraga but i'm not one hundred percent sure. The highlight of the evening is the nine minute opus, Now that I'm a Man Full Grown but of course, this was only a highlight of many. Incredible.

Jack Rose - Kensington Blues

Jack Rose
VHF Records
Beautful Happiness
Honey is Funny

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Better than you

Do not envy a sinner; you don't know what disaster awaits him.

Fucked Up are from Toronto and feature Jonah from Career Suicide and ex members of Ruination. If you've already heard them you either love them or hate them; they're that sort of band. I read an interview in which Farmer Damien (vocals) claims the band were formed out of a 'pure fluke' and were only ever intended as a 'joke' band. Well, three years have passed, and the joke is on them, or something (?) Deranged Records have put out a slurry of releases by the band, and there isn't really much to analyse and pick apart: they play hardcore/punk in the vain of all your favourite bands of old. They reference bands like Black Flag, Negative Approach and Citizen's Arrest, but end up coming off more LA punk - like the Dils and X.

Fucked Up are a band of instinct; of raw, pent up, in-your-face agression and fast, swinging, amelodic guitar courtesy of 10,000 Marbles and Concentration Camp: kicking out of your stereo at a thousand miles an hour. It's deceptively simple stuff, but they almost nail it down to almost an artform; never straying too far away from verse/ chorus/ bridge framework and never forgetting what makes them such a live force - I can only imagine. Oh, and lest we forget: Father Damian can really wail too. Rumours of a UK Tour in April - if you know details, post them below. 'Hidden World' out soon.

NYC Cops? HAha

Fucked Up - Police

Read a four part interview with the band, here BUY the album from Deranged Records and be five years ahead of the curve.