Sunday, December 17, 2006

Awake Again

Three months since this place was last updated, what have we been doing? Listening to copious amounts of music mainly probably compiling lists as is the wont for lots of Rob Gordon wannabees this time of year and just generally bumming around. So anyway Throwaway Style will be back more alive than ever in the new year (hell I might even do something before then....) with more insight into the less travelled paths of contemporary music and popular culture.

The year to date has been rich with discoveries for all of us involved in this little thing we call a blog. I've personally had more than my fair share of epithanies and I'm sure that the other contributors have been there done that too. Greenman was definitely a high for me with a rich seam of music being transported to and then mined in the lush greenery of the foot of Brecon Beacons. A wander upto the front room like Red Deer Club in Manchester too was another revelation; how music at grass roots level can be put on and not feel like some closed environment.

So looking forward to 2007 you bet I am whatever it might hold....

Merry X-mas



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