Monday, September 18, 2006

Alchemy Reimagined

Mat Sweet aka Boduf Songs has had quite a year, getting picked up by Kranky Records on the strength of a collection demo recordings he sent out, releasing those demos untouched as a mini album in March 2006 and now to round things out an album proper. Mat Sweet wasn't a stranger to recording though having released numerous private press limited CD-R runs on his Baby Blue Recordings; ranging from glitch heavy electronics to straight heavy rock featuring a close knit group of friends in a revolving line-up. Boduf Songs was Sweet's first attempt at recording his own songs, recorded using accoustic guitar, violin bow, toy piano and computed manipulated field sounds. The resulatant recordings released as a self titled LP not only secured a deal with Kranky but also began garnering alot of interest in many high places. Described in equal measures as dark psychedelia and melancolic lament, it still manages to avoid being labelled overtly obscure.

Puke A Pitch Black Rainbow [taken from "Boduf Songs", Krank 085]

The new record "Lion Devours The Sun" due for release October 30th builds on the foundations built up on the self titled EP. The album title a nod to alchemical imagery, the sun representing consciousness and the lion symbolizing emotion. More fully formed than its former self if there was relative self restraint or a humbleness evident on the the first record it is blown away righteous bitterness of the new material.

27th Raven's Head (Darkness Showing Through The Head Of The Raven) [taken from "Lion Devours The Sun", Krank 099]


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