Sunday, August 13, 2006

What A Ride!

Canada a country that has a lot to be proud of right at the moment, with the whole critical praise being lumped on the Arcade Fire debut album way back in 2005! Then there is the whole continuing snowball effect following Spencer Krug, Carey Mercer and Dan Bejar around as we grow ever closer to the November release date of their Swan Lake project. But before all that in fact way back in 1990 those crafty Canadians were doing it for themselves even way back then......

Eric's Trip had the unlikely honour of being the first of a wave of Canadian band's to get themselves picked up by Seattle's Sub Pop. Formed in 1990 the product the very fertile music scene surrounding the small province of Moncton, and named for the track by NY's Sonic Youth. Principly formed by Rick White and Chris Thompson who were working together on a project entitled The Forest they recruited vocalist/bassist Julie Doiron-Claytor and there after were joined by Purple Knight drummer Mark Gaudet before officially taking on the Eric's Trip moniker. They debuted the band shortly after on a self released and self titled cassette release. Between 1990 and their 1993 major label debut "Love Tara" on Subpop they released a string of EP's.

Central to the band's success was the central boy/girl vocal sparrings of White and Doiron-Claytor; a sound which drew immediate comparrisons to Yo La Tengo. Also in key to their sound was a healthy dollop of noise informed pop of Sonic Youth and even further back to The Velvet Underground as well as that of contemporary bands around at that time like Pavement. It was this sound that began the move away from the "Grunge" sound that Subpop was becoming more and more synonomous with. A relationship that carried the band through three full length albums with the label and one which ended only after Doiron-Claytor's pregnancy forced the band onto an extended hiatus, which eventually culminated in their official split in 1996 after the release of their final album "Purple Blue." Since the band split all of the respective parties have kept their hand in the music scene surrounding Moncton.

In 2001 the band reformed for a one off performance, and then again in August 2006 to play the Sappy Records festival in New Brunswick, Canada.

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At 11:42 am, Blogger Sean said...

I'm surprised you talk about Eric's Trip without remarking on the beauty of Julie Doiron's solo work since then. "Desormais" is one of the finest Canadian albums of all time.

In terms of coincidences - Jeremy Gara (of the Arcade Fire) often played with Doiron, and I remember seeing her play in Montreal with the New International Standards opening - the group that the AF's Tim and Richard led, prior to joining Win, Regine et al.


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