Sunday, August 13, 2006

Spectacular Passages

From the early seventies, Loren Connors has recorded over thirty albums on over dozens of independent labels: from hazy blissed out meditative guitar pieces, to heartfelt acoustic guitar mantras and duets with artists such as Kath Bloom and his wife, Suzanne Langille. Night Through combines over three and a half hours of Connors' own guitar workouts as well as tracks from Connors' band Haunted House - who released one album in 1999. As a relative newcomer to his music it may seem rather premature to label the Family Vineyard release a ‘classic’ but sheer scope and vision of the music contained within this anthology is of such a quality to make you just as concerned as to why it’s taken so long for this material to surface.

Loren Mazzacane Connors - Trouble in Mind

But while the anthology chiefly draws his work as a solo artist, the guitarist also recorded under the number of pseudonyms. The most well known and instantly recognible of these, was Lorren Mazzacane, and from 1983 - 1984 he recorded three limited edition LP's with Kath Bloom and released them on his own St Joan imprint. Richard Linklater would later popularise the track 'Come Here' when it featured in his film 'Before Sunrise.' Nevertheless, while Kath Bloom has also benefited from a recent resurgence in her music - enough for Chapter Music to release 'Finally' earlier this year - Sand In My Shoe, Restless Faithful Desperate and Moonlight have never been reissued. The latter is spectacular example of depression era folk/blues; and quite literally an acoustic guitar and a voice. Mostly about love, lost love and despair at the human race. Listen to the following track at low volume.

Kath Bloom & Loren Mazzacane - Can You Find Me?


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