Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Damn Varmits

Raccoo-oo-oons a free punk noise unit with a decidedly folk attitude are the latest thing to come out of Iowa that is causing a buzz in music circles. The band formed in mists of time in Iowa sometime between 2004 and 2005 when founder members Darren Ho and Shawn Reed moved there to attend college. Whilst there they began creating their own brand of ramshackle music in a shared kitchen with third member and graduatiing film studies student Andy Spore fashioning their own noisy imprint into something they could preform at local venues. After a brief period of playing as a three piece the band was augmented by an old musical aquaintance of Andy and Shawn's; and Ryan Garbes was quickly absorbed into the fold.

The band's sound itself defies categorisation falling somewhere between the no-wave punk of The Fall and the tribal electiscism of Animal Collective or the wide eyed punk grabniks Sun City Girls. The band released their sound collages initially as private press cassette only releases before releasing a CD-R of fully realised material through Time-Lag records in 2005. The 40 minute long song cycle titled "The Cave Of Spirits" marked the band's first foray into the public sphere of recognition. June 2006 see a repressing of one of their early recording on the Swedish imprint Release The Bats, the album pressed in a limited run of 1080 (get it while you can) comes in a lovely looking black and gold inked arigato folded sleeve, and is available direct from source or through Eclipse records in the US or Volcanic Tongue in the UK.

Cave Of Spirits

On The Roof


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