Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tunnusteleva frekvenssi kirjo

Shogun Kunitoki are an instrumental quartet from Helsinki in Finland are the one of the latest additions to the Fonal records stable. A label set up and curated by
Sami Sänpäkkilä, member of the band Kiila and also the head behind the musical output of ES. As ES, Sänpäkkilä crafted one of the most original recordings to see a release in recent years, in 2004's Kaikkeuden Kauneus Ja Käsittämättömyys, garnering critical praise from many outlets as it went.

Shogun Kunitoki began life as in the late 1990's as art collective who based their compositions around video media created on Commodore 64 computers, which also the medium for their earliest recordings. By 2003 the band were invited to play at the Helsinki Avanto Festival, the preformance also garned the attention of Fonal and a relationship began in earnest. As time went on the band began to become frustrated by the limitations imposed on them by the 8bit computers and began to experiment with live instrumentation.

2006 sees the band debut release Tasankokaiku marks the culmination of the band search for a coherent sound. The album consists of seven instrumental tracks which borrow motifs from many eras of music; from the 50's electronic pioneers like Karlheinz Stockhausen to the minimalist/psychedelic experiments of his students CAN and in turn their own spiritual brethren NEU! to the revisionist output of bands like Broadcast and Stereolab.



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