Saturday, June 10, 2006

Self-Eating Happy Sad Sing-Along Experimental Pop

Formed in 2002 in Anacortes, Washington; The Robot Ate Me is an outlet for the sometimes experimental always off kilter pop meanderings of Ryland Bouchard and friends. Being from that part of the musical hinterland there is no way I can get through this entire entry without mentioning that other famous son of that little old place called Anacortes. Yes Philip Whitman Elverum, who once traded as Microphones and more recently as Mount Eerie. Stylistically Bouchard's musings bear some resemblences to the lo-fi dabblings of both the former and the later (although ostensibly the same person!) But also seems to have a slightly more psychedellic feel to proceedings, at times bordering on the weird shores of Of Montreal.

The Robot Ate Me has released to date a total of 5 full length albums and contributed to various other compilations and such. Beginning life on the independent label Swim Slowly, Bouchard released three albums, before being picked up by 5RC a subsiduary of Slim Moon's Washington based label Kill Rock Stars. The first release on 5RC was a repressing of 2003's "The Robot Ate Me On Vacation" a two disc album one featuring the album proper the second disc featuring collected B-sides. This was followed by 2005's "Carousel Waltz" which brings to mind at times the pop sensibilites of Brian Wilson circa "Pet Sounds".

The even better news is that of June 2006 Bouchard is set to release the follow-up to "Carousel Waltz" in the form of the 23 minute long 17 track wurlitzer that is to be christened "Good World." In which Bouchard presents the listener with an imaginative world filled with mythical characters like Dijen ( a monster spider the size of a man whose heart is buried in the ground causing it to the survive the most critical of attacks), the Stone Giants (who are invunerable except on the soles of their feet) and She-Owl (the wife of Bloody Knife.)

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The Robot Ate Me - Dijen ("Good World", 2006 5RC recordings)

The Robot Ate Me - Bad Feelings ("Carousel Waltz", 2006 5RC recordings)

The Robot Ate Me - They Ate Themselves ("They Ate Themselves", 2002 Swim Slowly Recordings)


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