Thursday, June 08, 2006

I Want To See You Drunk And Dancing Like a Russian

Lords are from Nottingham and are NOT to be confused with the US band that also go by the name of Lords. Glad we've got that out of the way. Lords are three-piece band with NO bass, two guitarists and a drummer called Elvis (Lord Elvin). Lord Phillipe wails with sorrow, while Lord Chris Gordon Sumlin lays down some down un' dirty (I've been reading Bound for Glory) guitar. The music they play is one of elasticated blues riffery, and Beefheart influenced tomfoolery; a bendy and twisted melodrama that celebrates bands that you pretend to hate but really love: Lords of the twing and the twang, like The Minutemen, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin blah blah blah.

Their album: This Aint a Hate Thing, It's a Love Thing was released earlier this year on Nottingham's very own imprint (Gringo Records), and it has hardly left my CD player all year. The album linear notes advise you to play their record loud and well, if you don't, you're already missing a point because this is a PARTY record. And you can analyse their music as much as you want but Lords are a PARTY band. Listen out for the clatter of catawalling guitars at the end of of'Show Me Your Palms,' or the inclusion of female backing vocals as Lord Phillipe attempts to slow things down in the middle of 'The Ballad Of The Sightless And Outstretched Hand.'

Lords - Liquer

Buy this. See them. Celebrate. And do all this in any order you see fit.

Spin Spin The Dogs are also from Nottingham, but are on hiatus at the moment. They're namechecked as the most hated band in Derby, which I think is a good as recommendation as any; despite there being a load of great Derby bands at the moment. Described by some as the sound of Beefheart and common sense colliding, this band are exceedingly English - whatever that really means. As i've already said, they're a band known for evoking hate and love; often in equal measure. A lot of this derives from the confrontation and playful ('"Two peanuts are walking down the street, one gets asaulted') antics of their singer, Vincent Larkin. So much so that it often detracts from the contributions of the other members of the band. They were; are; and may well again a great band. .

Spin Spin The Dogs - French Republic

Spin Spin The Dogs left behind one limited edition (500 copies) album (Cats!) on Fancy Paradise, shortly before their last show in January of this year. Watch this video on YouTube


At 11:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pete you are amazing!

oh and the music's pretty cool, too.

At 12:52 am, Anonymous chris said...

sorry I drunkenly gobbed all over you at the social.


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