Saturday, May 20, 2006

Woodland Folk


Formed in Boise, Idaho of the constituent members of local band State Of Confusion. They enjoyed a notoriety limited to the local scene, which in turn opened up to a wider audience when the Seattle grunge scene reared its head in the early nineties. The band comprised Pat Brown, Wayne Rhino Flower, Doug Martsch and Scott Schmaljohn, eventually disbanded in 1994 after having released three albums and a handful singles.

Martsch and Flowers went on to colaborate in the K records band The Halo Benders, with Beat Happening member and head of label, Calvin Johnson continuing until Matsch moved on again to form the indie band Built To Spill in 1996. Built To Spill remain active releasing albums sporadically to this day. More recently Martsch has released his own solo material on a subsiduary of Warner Brothers ltd.

Treepeople's first LP "Guilt, Regret and Embaressment" is currently available from the K records website


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