Saturday, May 27, 2006

Listen to the future now

HOOKERS GREEN NO. 1 may well be one of the best band names i've heard in a long time. Hailing from Aberdeen, the band started out as a three piece, and gradually progressed to having eleven people in band; at one point last year. In a recent interview with Stevie Chick (LLSS SIX), the band as much as admitted that they went 'too far.' They are now down to a more mangeable five, and are presently recording a follow up to their last album, the "Illustrious Captain Moon Won The War For Us."

Their new Double A Side single: Bloody Great Big Fucking Party/ Everyone In Your Scene Is Dead So Join Ours was enthuastically handed too me at last weeks, ATP festival and i'm glad it made it back with me. It's not often you hear a band with their own brass section; and their percussion heavy, woosy dream of fractured vocals and keyboards; which sound like a cross between the bebop space-jazz of Eric Dolpy ("Out There") and the melodies of French whizz-kids M83, and lo-fi pop hipsters: Ariel Pink.

Their first album might have sounded like 'Blue Note mauled by a brass section', but these new additions really swing with melodic hooks. Yes, hooks!

Hookers Green No. 1 - Bloody Great Big Fucking Party.


The band are on tour in June.

27.5.06 Sister, Resist! @ the Tunnels - Aberdeen
09.6.06 The Barfly - Glasvegas
10.6.06 The Raigmore - Inverness
11.6.06 "I Fly Spitfires" @ Cabaret Voltaire - Edinburgh
14.6.06 Head of Steam - Newcastle
15.6.06 Kings Arms - Manchester
16.6.06 Oxford
17.6.06 RoTa @ Notting Hill Arts Club - London
19.6.06 The Freebutt - Brighton
21.6.06 Dr. Browns - Middlesborough


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