Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm back

First of all, apologies for the lack of update. Sadly i've not got any great excuses to give you: It basically boils down to a geniune lack of ideas and motivation. That said, Soul Sides and Said The Gramophone have clearly had no such problems in searching out out and highlighting the cream of this year's releases - so far, of course. One listen of "Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)" - courtesy of Stereogum - was enough to convince me that I had to pre-order the Beirut album. And believe me, you'd be doing yourself a great disservice by not reading Sean's comments on the album, over at Said The Gramophone too. Oliver Wang, over at Soulsides has also managed to bewitch me into getting hold of The Coup's 'Pick a Bigger Weapon'. Damn, I can't be buying albums like this with ATP and Primavera looking over my shoulder.


Some context then: The Unit Ama are a Newcastle trio consisting of Christian Alderson on drums, Jason Etherington on bass, and Steven Malley on guitar/vocal duties. Their self-titled debut album has recently been 're-released' by Gringo Records and the band have just finished playing a host of gigs in support of it. This culminated in a headlining slot at Chinchillafest (Joeyfat, Charlotefield, Lords, That Fucking Tank) in Leeds yesterday; which I sadly missed. I did however, manage to catch them in Nottingham last month, and yeah, i'm glad to say that they far exceeded my expectations. I overheard someone in the crowd describing them as a 'spiritual Lungfish' - or something to that effect - and to be honest, it was pretty accurate description; especially when it came to their live performance.



In actual fact, I was taken a back at how different they sounded live at first. It didn't take me long to come around though. The band have clearly had time to flex their muscles since originally recording the album, and it shows. Of course, this is not to underestimate their debut; which, incidentally is brilliant example of the many great records Gringo are putting out at the moment. 'Plastique Bertrand' for instance, seems to endlessly ride a crest of lightning fast percussion over a wave of guitars; at once, stretching and pounding guitar riffs into submission. Elsewhere, on tracks like 'Horses (Of Northumberland)', 'Fuck the Critic', and 'Governed' throats are ravaged, strings are pulled and skins are pummelled to the n'th degree. It all holds up to to well to repeat listening - believe me. Highly recommended

The Unit Ama - Plastique Bertrand

I know you're all hip to pay-pal so buy the album from Gringo Records and hear the record in it's majestic glory. Click here to visit The Unit Ama website.

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