Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I had a point

Camber, camber oh how I miss thee. Well, it's kinda true: The rain and gale force winds I can live without. And those seagulls man - I'm sure they're not supposed to be that big you know (?). Those things give me the fear. But minor complaints aside (if you can even call them that), i'm definitely going to miss the old place. I spent the last two weekends there, and if we're to believe in the rumours; it may be the last All Tomorrows Parties to be held there.

It goes without saying, that I saw some great bands:

Oneida were mind-blowing and hillarious in equal measure. And if 'Up With the People' is any indication, their new album is going to be another masterpiece of Oneida-like proportions; Joanna Newsom may have looked nervous, but she played - and sang - like an angel. If if hadn't known better, I would have said she was English - 'Stop apologising, you sound great!' was one cry; Comets on Fire were incredible. This band are more than just vital right now, and they have a chemistry that that seems to go beyond intuative. They were born to do this shit, and I could quite literally watch them forever; Magik Markers were a gloriously chaotic mess. I've seen them THREE times this month, and as much as i'm loathed to admit it, they refuse to conform to any miserly structures that my tiny mind can comprehend (Girls ripping up shit with guitars? No no, ignore me); They were almost, ALMOST... as enlightening as the Boredoms in full throttle. A few people may have been left scratching at their early billing, but one look at their stage set-up and all becomes clear - Ok, ok; somebody told me they needed a longer soundcheck too. And apparently only the first and last bands get this (?) They were instense though. It's hard, but try to imagine sustained segues of tribal rhythms, awash with waves of electronic 'sounds'. Yeah, I know, i'm selling all these bands short but i'm under time contraints here people.

More later.

This rest of this 'entry' is adapted from a piece that I wrote some time back. It's still relevant to me though; perhaps now more than ever, since I literally CANNOT stop listening to this band at the moment. You have no idea what i'm talking about though. Well, they were the first band signed to Kill Rock Stars...Look, i'm talking about Unwound I'm too tired to be clever and well, this clearly takes a lot out of me because getting more than a few words out of me nowadays, can only really be achieved at gunpoint.

Unwound then. As far as being a fully functioning band goes, they haven't 'existed' for some time - but believe me, their albums have lost none of their potency. They are loud; they are intricate; they have energy; and I NEVER got to see them live. Damn damn DAMN.

For some reason they exist outside the lineage of bands like Sonic Youth and Fugazi, but they cetainly share they vitality and left a plenty of killer tracks by the way of six studio albums - which I won't go into here. They may owe a lot to the aforementioned bands in a stylistic sense, but that's by the by, and it's too their credit that they didn't rest on these laurels. 'Leaves Turn Inside' You for example, is far removed from the sound that made 'Fake Train' such a classic debut album. But it's still Unwound. Songs matter, and that's why, for me, it's a tragedy that they never really had the oppurtunity to tour their final album, Leaves Turn Inside You.

The following track is taken from their 1996 record, 'Repetition'. A much darker and sinister album, than their final album. The abrasive overtones of this track, never really outshine the melody.

Unwound - Message Recieved



Unwound factsheet


At 8:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Testing testing 123

At 10:06 pm, Blogger Chris Summerlin said...

Damn square. Great band. The worst gig I have ever played though was in 1998 supporting them. Disaster.


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