Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gas Board Under Dog

Skip Bifferty were an incredible - and short lived - British psychedelic pop band that released one self-titled full length in the mid-sixties before disbanding in 1968. The band later cited difficulties with their label (RCA), who were clearly unsure of how the market the band in the wake of the beat group era; where labels largely relied on hit singles, not album sales. Nevetheless, the album was eventually released and greated as a mini-trimph in the underground community. It was also highly praised in publications such as the now defunct Melody Maker.

The self-titled LP saw the band alternate between a mixture of full-on garage rock homages (On Love) and wistful power pop numbers (Come Around). And while they may have essentially been a guitar-driven band in essence, but they also incorporated various sound effects, loops, bells, and percussion into the mix to create a signature sound that very much trascends their time, and their very obvious influences.

Some frivilious trivia: After the band split, members of the band emerged under the pseudonym Heavy Jelly, cutting an eight-minute single ("I Keep Singing That Same Old Song"). It was the longest forty-five released at the time.

Skip Bifferty - Man in Black

I implore you to buy the recently (well, fairly recent) issued greatest hits package,

In other news:

Sat June 24th
Phoenix Arts Theatre, Leicester
2pm to 11pm. Prompt start!
£13/£11(concs) tickets on sale now!
Pickled Egg

Live performances from: Volcano the Bear, Nalle, George, James Green (Big Eyes), Zukanican, Now, Tookie Sherman (Need New Body), Dragon or Emperor, Black Carrot + other acts tbc. Plus a screening of The Devil and Daniel Johnston documentary film.

Stereo Sanctity has just written a eulogy, to what sounds like the greatest cinema related weekend of all time: The Far-Out Festival (Leicester Phoenix Arts). Ladies an gentleman, if you like your movie going experience a little well, frankly weird and ever so demented; Far Out Film certainly sound like they cater for your *ahem* taste. The general concept of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter alone, sounds like the basis for the greatest film ever made. From what I was able to make out, it's a Kung-Fu action / comedy /musical surrounding the second coming of Christ and replete with day-walking vampires. Nice.

Oh, and i'd also like to make it clear now that my recent update is in no way linked to this entry on Stereo Sanctity, but i'd glad somebody cares. SOMEBODY CARES!!! Cheers Ben.

The kid in The Omen made this thing, I swear. I accept that it can be done - i've seen it done firsthand. I just can't do it. Believe me i've tried and tried. I WILL BEAT IT.


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