Saturday, May 20, 2006

Drop The Melody, Increase The Flange.

Yume Bitsu formed as a partnership in 1995 in Portland, OR residents and college mates Adam Forkner and Franz Pritchard. Built up of a combined love of avante garde music, psychedelic musics and 365+ days of rain the band initially developed their spaced out sound on a series of cassette only private press releases. Eventually the twosome fleshed out the band roster by enlisting the help of Jason Anderson (Wolf Colonel) on drums and Alex Bundy on Keys/Electronics/Noise and set about recording their first LP. The result of these sessions was to be “Giant Surface Music Falling To Earth Like Jewels From The Sky ” which true to the Yume Bitsu template spent 6 months floating around in the musical hinterland looking for a distribution deal. It was picked up eventually by Ba Da Bing Records(now home to hot young hopeful Beruit) impresario Ben Goldberg and finally given an official release in 1998.

Early 1999 saw the band enter the studio at which Forkner was now working as an engineer, to begin work on the follow-up to their official debut. The much improved equipment in the studio allowed the band to further develop their blissed out sound adding an extra layer of fuzz and reverb to proceedings and bringing vocals further to the fore. In November of 1999 this work was released as a self titled record again on Ba Da Bing Records.
In 2000 the band splintered geographically whilst Forkner pursued sound engineering work in New York and Pritchard to Japan to fulfil a 12 month teaching position. The other members used this hiatus to develop their own side projects Bundy released a series of ambient/musiqué concrete recordings, Anderson meanwhile continued to flesh out his Wolf Colonel persona courtesy of K Records in Washington. It was this relationship with the Dub Narcotic Studio that saw Yume Bitsu reconvene and set about work on their third full length recording. Utilising the huge warehouse like conditions of the studio seemed to effect the musical output of the band the resultant album “Auspicious Winds” had a much more sparse sound than any of their output before.

2002 saw the recording of the final Yume Bitsu album as a unit once again on K Records the recordings pieced together 9 disparate tracks using a variety of new and/or unusual instruments. “The Golden Vessel Of Sound” forged forward sounding bisecting territory previously explored by the likes of MBV, GY!BE and further afield. Since the disbanding each member of the band has continued to work in music, Jason Anderson fully immersed himself in Wolf Colonel, Alex Bundy continues to with his ambient series of music. Forkner and Pritchard have since worked alongside (albeit not in a full time capacity) again in the band Surface Of Eceyon with members of Landing, releasing two full length album's and also recording an albums worth of solo material as [[[VVRSSNN]]] on K Records. Forkner also continues as a tour de force in his own right (with his partner Honey Adams) as White Rainbow and World on his own Yarnlazer webspace.

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