Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blood On The Motherboard

The oddly monikered Black Moth Super Rainbow, are a hard bunch to track down information on; some sources say that it’s the work of five like minded souls from Pennsylvania locked away in a wooden cabin in the hinterlands. Other sources suggest that it’s the work of one Tom Fec, who formerly plied his art as the even more hyper unreal sounding Satanstompingcatapillars. If indeed it is the work of one man or twenty its still one of the most intriguing things to come out of modern day America in recent years.

Channelling the lost spirits of Krautrock’s finest and throwing into the mix a whole host of day-glo 60’s references, this is pastoral electronica as filtered through a million breakbeats. Since the dissolution of SSC in 2002, the BMSR crew have unleashed three albums of well received dream beats. Beginning with 2003’s Falling Through A Field which conjures up images of Little Wings’ Kyle Field being slowly electrified, by a tribe of pygmy imps with a Kraftwerk fetish was widely regarded in various circles. This was quickly followed by the even better Start A People on The Seventies Gymnastic Recording Co. in 2004, which kept the kosmische influence bubbling through and added Autchre and Boards Of Canada to the already foot long list of obvious influences.

2006 sees the release of their third album Lost Picking Flowers In The Woods on Graveface Records, a further split EP featuring BMSR and The Octopus Project is due later this year .

Samples from the three BMSR albums:


Trees And Colours And Wizards

Lost, Picking Flowers In The Woods


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