Saturday, February 11, 2006

Better than you

Do not envy a sinner; you don't know what disaster awaits him.

Fucked Up are from Toronto and feature Jonah from Career Suicide and ex members of Ruination. If you've already heard them you either love them or hate them; they're that sort of band. I read an interview in which Farmer Damien (vocals) claims the band were formed out of a 'pure fluke' and were only ever intended as a 'joke' band. Well, three years have passed, and the joke is on them, or something (?) Deranged Records have put out a slurry of releases by the band, and there isn't really much to analyse and pick apart: they play hardcore/punk in the vain of all your favourite bands of old. They reference bands like Black Flag, Negative Approach and Citizen's Arrest, but end up coming off more LA punk - like the Dils and X.

Fucked Up are a band of instinct; of raw, pent up, in-your-face agression and fast, swinging, amelodic guitar courtesy of 10,000 Marbles and Concentration Camp: kicking out of your stereo at a thousand miles an hour. It's deceptively simple stuff, but they almost nail it down to almost an artform; never straying too far away from verse/ chorus/ bridge framework and never forgetting what makes them such a live force - I can only imagine. Oh, and lest we forget: Father Damian can really wail too. Rumours of a UK Tour in April - if you know details, post them below. 'Hidden World' out soon.

NYC Cops? HAha

Fucked Up - Police

Read a four part interview with the band, here BUY the album from Deranged Records and be five years ahead of the curve.


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