Friday, December 30, 2005

The Wiz

Now for some punk ramblings courtesy of Portland underdogs, Wipers. In 1979 Wipers recorded their first “studio” album: Is This Real? It was released on an independent label with lead singer and guitarist Greg Sage, Dave Koupal on bass, and Sam Henry on drums. Their record company insisted that they record everything in a professional studio, but despite the relatively polished outcome, Is This Real? remains a cornerstone for their sound; even if the band would never record another album in a studio again.

Is This Real is crammed with Sage's raging but lively guitar solos; most of which would become his trademark. His song writing style: dealing with extreme isolation, and frustration; with an almost insane awareness of melody, would later go on to have real affect on Kurt Cobain and his band Nirvana – they also covered two of the songs from this album. In 2001, Sage used his own label to release a three-for-one package of Wipers' first three albums. Remastered with plenty of bonus tracks, it's probably best introduction to a band you could ever ask for.

Follow this link for information on the band and on how to purchase their album(s). There is also a revealing interview with Greg Sage avaliable through their official site.

The following song was their first single.

Wipers - Better off Dead


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