Saturday, December 31, 2005

Pre New Year Blues

We Jam Econo: The story of the Minutemen. Click here to view the trailer. THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!

God today is going fast. New Years is always so, well, disapointing; I won't tempt fate though.

It's (almost) the end of the year. Apologies if you've read my meanderings about this band previously, but i've re-discovered this album over the last couple of days and thought it warranted a repeat post. Capstan Shafts is alter-ego of Dean Wells, a native of Vermont, who has a gift for making short, DIY produced, skuzzy folk rock songs. Chick Ciggarettes was released on Asaurus Records last year, and was one of those sleeper records that appeared on a lot of people 'best of lists' but never really made a critical impact - whatever that means (Pitchfork! Your end of list plain sucked ass man!) It's a shame because the songs on this album are incredibly catchy, and even border on accessible at times. The following track quite moody, but it also has a lot of energy. Actually, this track is pretty indicative of the album as a whole. Certainly on the Robert Pollard/ Guided by Voices vibe.

Capstan Shafts - Auto Naval.

Oh, and even though I ordered this album on a whim I hope you take to time to browse around Asaurus Records, and to even order yourself a copy if you like what you hear.

He also has a EP that's currently avaliable for download, here.

Some sites far more worthy of your perusal:

Over at Said The Gramaphone Sean has compiled a list of his favourite tracks from this year. Click here and listen to them in all their glory. Also, Songs Illiniois and You Aint No Picasso continue to bring the tunes. Along with, of course 20JFG'S. Juan and Stuart. The NY partee looks like it's going to be a blast! See everyone else next year.


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