Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bored out of my cord

Christmas is over: Deal with it. We're now it that strange place of nothingness that exists between Chistmas and New Year.

Well, It could be a lot worse.

I'm still in the midst of a eighties acid flashback I NEVER experienced, but hey, you can't hold that against me. Black Flag, Husker Du, Sonic Youth ('Evol' and 'Sister' really), Wipers, Minutemen, Laughing Clowns, Scientists, Volcano Suns are destroying me. The Minutemen are particuarly blowing my mind. They were just, well, wild. The Pixies might have been wild too, but the Minutemen had absolutely NO respect for well, anything resembling song structure. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum (but there in SST spirit) you have the raw 'fuck you' of early eighties Black Flag. Frequently alternating between the brilliant and the absurdly brilliant. In other news: There is a great Laughting Clowns restrospective masquerading as a review in the most recent issue of Plan B. You haven't got that issue yet? Stop reading this and buy it immediately. I'm being deadly serious.

Charlottefield are native to Brighton and inhabit a place on a disturbing list of bands that i've yet to catch live - for some reason. It's probably not a good reason, i'm just pathetic in that way Their eight track mini album, How Long Are You Staying, shifts through a mix of the dissonantly angular high octane swirl of wall to wall guitars (Again) and astonishingly accurate passages of controlled percussion with bursts of bass and drums (How Long). The reviews I have read seem to focus on way in the which the vocals are recorded low in the mix; this is often viewed in a disparaging light. Not being one to sit on the fence, i'll just get this right out of the way now: I like the way the vocals are recorded. It makes an already angry record more volatile, and it reminds fools like me that they're even more foolish for not witnessing them in their natural habitat; otherwise known as, in a room full of wanabee punkers. Hella yeah.

Charlottefield - Again


Charlottefield Website


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