Saturday, November 26, 2005

That muffled sound …

If you don't own some of the pre Loveless My Bloody Valentine EP's you're doing yourself I great disservice. Alright, they might be harder to get hold of; but come on people, that's the point! Their 1988's 'You Made Me Realize' is one of four issued after "Isn't Anything" and before Loveless came out in 1991. You could call this one their mission statement. On this release they transformed from lightwight sixties noise mongers to sonic distortionists. These recordings were on a level with anything that Sonic Youth were recording at the time - If you want some context, I know there is a world of difference between these bands.

My Bloody Valentine were almost willing you to be a part of the experience. The textured guitar sounds, softly spoken vocals, other wordly disortionate sounds and effects; All this STILL sounds alien to me. The atmosphere they create on 'You Made Me Realize' for example is so powerful that you still feel transformed into another world when you hear it again - even after a long absence. Sure, their music is challenging; and not everybody wants to be challenged: but ultimately, that's why they were so good. They needed to turn music on it's head. Then again, if you're still with me, you most probably know all this.

My Bloody Valentine - Thorn

You can BUY their back catalogue at Amazon

Click here to view a tonne of My Bloody Valentine videos and click
here to view there website. The old reviews are particularly worth looking at - The NME employed writers once upon a time, honest.


At 7:18 pm, Anonymous elma said...

very good work here. The MBV videos are greatly appreciated!

At 8:30 am, Blogger ghost robot said...

i really like you blog, and i know this is tacky, but is there any way you could add me to your list of links?

At 9:07 pm, Blogger Eric said...

Awesome! I was thinking about an MBV post recently as well. The EP's are awesome. I thought that there was talk of a boxed set reissue?


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