Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's all over

"Ladies and gentleman. Please refrain from jumping onto the stage. The stage is for professional muscians with a valid union card. You wouldn't jump into a bear cage now would you?" - John Reis

Speedo, N.D, Petey X, JC 2000, Apollo 9 and Ruby Mars. God bless you all. San Diego's favourite rock 'n' roll sextet, Rocket from the Crypt played their final show EVER last week. Deciding to end it all on Halloween - their "favourite day of the year" - thousands of adoring fans traversed the globe to worship at their temple of noise. Myself included. It may have been packed, hot and sticky; but it was the perfect send off. Rocket from the Crypt were always more than a band. They were a symbol of artistic integrity; of all age shows; and of ALWAYS putting the fans first wherever possible. They trailblazed their way through the nineties and were one of the few bands to make it out of the other side. I know, I know, you may already know the score, but let me break it out for you all the same:

Tonight, they're rightly celebrated as an insitution, as they gladly hand over a little bit more of themselves for one last time. Our thoughts are with the people who couldn't be there. Soon enough the lights fade and our compere takes to the stage to explain all. The Heataches, The Bronx and Deadbolt have all done an excellent job of warming things up, but I (wisely?) save my energy. We're treated to a slideshow; a history of the band in pictures/videos, before they finally take to the stage to rapturous applause. They treat fans to a two-hour set, including: three encores; video montages, guest appearances - including Jon Wurster playing on "Sturdy Wrists" - and some ridiculous costume changes - from Voodoo men to well, I really don't know. One glance from side to side in the crowd and you can casually observe wrestlers, smurfs, superheroes, babies, draculas, and Wes Anderson film characters (over twenty members of team Zissou) paying tribute in their own unique way. The band always put on a show - they're famous for it - but what's on offer tonight is not only a once in a lifetime experience. It's a shared experience.

I was too young/uncool [delete and appropriate] to see them at Reading back in '98 and I just had to make this trek. Pretty stupid, and irreponsible? YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS! Just because YOU didn't get to hear incendiary ditties like 'Boychucker', 'I'm Not Invisible', 'Don't Darlene, 'Pigeon Eater' 'On a Rope' and 'Glazed' etc ike I heard them. Their slippery exploits of greased up riffary; their heavenly horn section; the lacerating power of their rhythm section; Mario pounding away on the skins; and of course, the secret weapon: the one and only, John 'Speedo' Reis. Make no mistake about it ladies and gentleman, what is on offer tonight is still the band that kickstarted rock 'n' roll for a new generation of fans in the early nineties. Their extended rendition of 'Glazed' tonight is particularly mindblowing and the crowd duly reciprocate by screaming "TAKE THAT" (for what seems like a half an hour) while out bear taming frontman speaks at length about the band and the fans ('Fuck you you doubters and naysayers of Rocket from the Crypt; we rocked for 16 years even though you thought we'd get no where"), until breaking into 'Everybody Smoke Pot,' with the crowd precisely on queue! Some guys in the crowd try to put a dampner on things and the band close on "Come See, Come Saw.' It really does feel like the end.

Rocket from the Crypt - I'm Not Invisible (Live)

Please view the rest of Transmission 3000 for more kick live Rocket' action. For more pictures of the show please views the slideshow at techguy2475. Many thanks


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