Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm back!

Artwork courtesy of Ben Haggar. Ben also writes on Stereo Sanctity More information about the gig can be found below below.

Right, I think i'm back now. Instead of explaining why I haven't been posting for a while I thought i'd just get right back in the thick of it with some music - Incidentally, both of these bands played at the Cabaret on Thursday as part of Damn You! extravaganza. Younogodie are from Derby. They have a sampler out at the moment and they're website hints at a possible full-length in the not too distant future. I really hope they do manage to get it out soon, because they were awesome the other night. Martin, Chris, Baz, Nav play an intelligent uptempo mix of garage/punk rock which is definitely in the same vain as Dischord bands of old. They have track on the new Stressed Records compilation which also includes tracks by other Derby bands such Plans & Apologies, Lardpony, You Slut! - to name a few.

Younogodie - Spanish Fly

Medications hail from Washington DC and have recently released “Your Favorite People All in One" on Dischord. The trio itself consist of Devin Ocampo (ex Faraquet and Smart Went Crazy), Andrew drums. Unsuprisingly then, Medications sound a lot like Faraquet (pronounced fair-a-ket) - two of their members are still on vocals, Ocampo is still shredding those guitar-lines and Molter is still laying down some thick and rubbery basslines. The main difference here is that the songs are more fleshed out and the overall sound is clearer, less discordant and even poppier - Well, there are more than a few of these moments.

That's not to say that these songs are any more accessible than Faraquet: they're still experimenting with and playing around with melodies. The difference here is that each member sounds like their working towards something, well, more. I just hope they're arround long enough to develop tracks like "Suprise!" and "Pill." They're the tracks that best work live. The drums and the guitars are constantly driving and working towards something. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't always work but when it does you want to be there - believe me

Medications - Twine Time

Buy the album here

Also: The following bands are playing in on 7th December at The Original Four, King Street, Leicester. Entry for this gig is £3


At 10:42 pm, Anonymous Ma-harc said...

YouNoGoDie = WELL swanky. Keep up the good work, or I'll go scadge.

At 1:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good to have you back. - T

At 5:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


thanks for saying something nice about us! It was cool to play with medications for sure!

go to

and leave a nice message!!!



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