Monday, September 05, 2005

Go Darlene!

It is with my contention that the formal demise of Rocket From the Crypt brings to to a close another significant era rock history. Granted it might not come as a huge suprise to some people, but honestly John (Reis), this breakup almost feels personal. Sixteen years, nine albums, seven inches, EP's, kickass shows, and "THE DANCE PARTY!!" will live on; well, for at least one more night for those who are lucky enough. Read on:

"On Halloween night in San Diego, Rocket from the Crypt will be playing our farewell show. After 16 years of scars and ear damage all in the name of spreading goodwill and the Rock N Roll doctrine, we will take the stage for the last time on our favorite day of the year. We know that it is very difficult for those around the world to be with us for this celebration, but we invite all that have been a part of this awesome ride to come out one more time and give it up for the band. We will offer those that have supported and fueled us the first opportunity to purchase tickets."

Rocket From The Crypt's last show
Monday, October 31 2005
Westin Horton Plaza Grand Ballroom (910 Broadway Circle . San Diego, CA

It's virtually impossible to choose a favourite, but Circa: Now, Group Sounds, and Scream Dracula Scream are special albums. Visit Swami to salvage any unfortunate oversights on your part; you'll thank me for it...

Anyway, enough of this negativity; or rather, bad news: Crayola (Guitar / Voice), Simon (Drums), Joe (Bass) or Sarandon, are a fun loving three-piece who make short, explosive, manic blasts of pure pop mayhem that references bands as far ranging as The Minutemen, Contortions, The Yummy Fur and XTC. They kind of remind of the Rezillos' lo-fi pop cousins. If you're not interested yet, you should be be! Sarandon have been asked to accompany Melt Banana when they make their whistle-blow stop to our small island in November - not bad for a band who have only played a handful of shows, and practised even less than that (all according to their website).

Sarandon have released two bite sized recording on the Kabukicore label this year, and will soon be following it up with The Feminist Third next month.

Sarandon - Bored



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pete: come back!

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