Saturday, August 06, 2005

Illuminated by the light

First things first: The new edition of Plan B hit the shelves on Wednesday (I think) and if you haven't picked up a copy already, remedy this immediately. This issue contains articles on Oneida, Ariel Pink, A Hawk and A Hacksaw; an interview with cover "stars" Sonic Youth;and a whole host of live reviews, media highlights and label run-downs. It's a triumph! And if that weren't enough, reading it has at the very least, encouraged me to post something - you'll have decide if that's a good thing. Stereo Sanctity aka Ben Haggar has also seen his review for the Pickled Egg festival appear on the Plan B site. You can read it in full, here. Oh yeah, err, I took a chance and ordered a few copies of the Arthur magazine recently; and i'm glad I did. Check out the lineup to Arthurfest in September: Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, The Black Keys, Merzbow, T-Model Ford, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Wolfmother, Six Organs of Admittance, Magik Markers, Circle, Josephine Foster and on and on. Comets On Fire, The Olivia Tremor Control, Dead Meadow, Sunn 0))), Vetiver, Growing the day after too...Now that's a festival.

MELT BANANA. Ordinarily, a band of this calibre have no business in post as poorly contructed as this one, but I simply have to do this. This band are just otherwordly. Not a single band in the world come remotely close to oozing the thick, heavy noise that Melt Banana so effortessly harness on Cellscape. Yasuko O.'s ultra-high-pitched screams and Agata's guitar playing is just, unlike anything; and I think I can actually get away with saying that. Then again, I still say that 'Cellscape' is pop music...Noisy pop, but still essentially pop music played upside down and to the nth degree of absurdity. I present "Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold" as my main case in point. This track just utterly ruins your mind. The complexities, the harmonies (!)...It's just WRONG! Oh, and I have it on good authority that they will be playing gracing our shores in the not to distant future, so stock up those ear plugs!

Melt Banana - Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold.



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