Saturday, August 20, 2005

Celebrated Summer

Heads up this week go to Silece is a Rhythm Too for well, everything. Plus everyone linked below. We're all great really. Oh yeah, and Sean over at Said the Gramaphone too; because they're not on the list for some unknown reason - God i'm rubbish at internet stuff.

Blood on the Wall are on Social Registry. Social Registry are reponsible for putting out the Gang Gang Dance album, God's Money, and so it goes.. Of course, If you haven't heard Gang Gang Dance yet I expect you're utterly lost and very possibly consider me a fool, but you've read this much so why not read on? This NYC art-noise trio are actually putting finishing touches to follow up of their self -titled album of last year ("Awesomer"). I haven't heard it yet, but hey, that doesn't exactly stop folks passing judgment does it? Only kidding. The first album! Vice magazine considered it "perfect" whereas most, if not all, thought it ultimately lacking after repeat listening Since I love sitting on the fence i'm going to go somewhere inbetween. Courtney Shanks (bass, vocals), Brad Shanks (guitar, vocals) and Miggy Littleton (drums, vocals) have got all the core ingredients going on: a brother/sister/boy/girl vocals splattered over scratchy, stoner, pop hybrid type thing. They also come fully endorsed via French Kiss legends Les Savy Fav. Anyway, while the Sonic Youth and Velvet Underground comparisons are slightly lazy, they do write some damn catchy songs; and what more can you ask for?

Blood on the Wall - Mae Abiline

Blood on the Wall
Social Registry


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