Sunday, July 10, 2005

Murky punk rock squawl

I've been turned onto loads of sites this weekend: Sweet Nothing, Worlds of Possiblity are particularly great, but i've got to give a massive hand to Small Bedroom for further alerting me to the genius of Nisennenmondai. I suppose you could label this Japanesse noise girl collective as 'post-punk', but i'm really at a loss as to how to describe them: maybe Tussle meets Comets on Fire and Sonic Youth on a rollercoaster ride to oblivion? I wouldn't say they were neccesarily that loud on the decibel scale, but it's geniunely ferocious stuff. I recognised the name as having some connotations with Million Tongues Festival compilation - of which you can hear snippets of here. Recommended for fans of Michael Yonkers, Matt Valentine (Tower Recordings), Ben Chasney (Six Organs of Admittance, Comets) Josephine Foster and a ton of Midwestern psychedelia that I know next to nothing about.

Anyway, down to business. Crime are generally regarded as one of key precursors to that 'Swami' sound. If you're a Sonic Youth fan, you'll know they covered "Hot Wire to my Heart" in spectacular style on Sister (God I love that record), but you should also know how important this band were to early nineties punk pioneers, Drive Like Yehu and more recently the powerhouse that is (or was) HOT SNAKES!. We owe it all to this band. And it comes as no suprise that Swami are responsible for the re-release of San Francisco's Still Dead - a reissue that catalogues what little this band did leave behind in their original lineup (two rehearsal sessions (one from March '78, and one from July '79) - 20 tracks in all) As you might expect, the vocals and drums often find themselves suffocated by the sheer power Frankie Fix's lead guitar squawl and biting riffs. Despite the lack of media interest at the time, these guys clearly lived it live; and it comes across really well on this record.

Crime - Piss On Your Dog

Get yourself over to Swami if you want to indulge yourself in some sweet sounding Crime. Following on from this Interview, Swami have plans to re-release some live material aswell as a new studio album and DVD. Bring it!


At 6:35 pm, Blogger miike said...

Hey bro! Thanks for the props in your latest blog entry. You've got a killer site, keep up the good work.


At 4:16 am, Blogger miike said...

Sorry for the double post, But cause everyone was digging the NISENNENMONDAI tracks so much I re-posted the track. If anyone else has some of their tracks online, lemme know.



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