Sunday, July 03, 2005

Be Sure To Loop

"While on paper a combination of dub, drum and bass, IDM, the occasional banjo, jazz, chamber strings, and strong guitar fueled melodies seems like it might result in a tangled morass of sounds and styles, the Notwist pull off this combination without so much as a stutter." - Greil Marcus (Dusted)

I don't know how I managed to miss out of The Notwist when they first released Neon Golden. I must have been sleeping, or listening to something else (I don't which is worst really). If you want comparisons they've been described as part indie, krautrock, post-punk, lush electronica, ambient pop and well, is that not enough? It should be enough for any band, but on this, their sixth studio outing, they manage to somehow be as much jazz and oriental in origin than any of those previous descriptions - That could just be me though. If you trawl around the internet for some more information on them, you'll discover that this German band - supposedly indebted Metal and eighties punk - shared bills with Fugazi and The Jesus Lizard in the early nineties, so there certainly a dramatic shift somewhere along the way.

They actually branched out with various side projects such as Lali Puna, Tied + Tickled Trio, Village of Savoonga, and Console; allowing their music to incorporate these different sounds and textures. Of course change, at least on this scale, is normally the death of a band. If you believe this, just don't take Neon Golden as your case in point, because you're liable to get very upset. If I was permitted one adjective, it would be this: Incredible. Unfortunately, you're getting this longwinded mess. "Consequence" is a melting pot of influences, with sporadic bits of horn, guitar, violin, percussion, and electronic noodling. And the whole album is genuinely is one of those records you just pick up and play without thinking about it. Sustained brilliance.

The Notwist - Consequence

The Notwist - One With The Freaks

I find it even more incredible that a band like The Notwist can have label issues and even problems with distribution. Too marginal I expect. If you want information on how to purchase their album then City Slang is your best bet. YOU MUST HUNT THIS ALBUM DOWN.


At 11:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, this is a great albums. I bought some of the oold albums as well...the really old stuff is somekind of metal..not very good. BUt a couple of the records are decent.

At 4:26 pm, Anonymous Bob said...

Get with the programme Pete, only just listened to the Notwist... it's not 2002 you know!

At 6:56 pm, Blogger StopBeingCarbon said...


At 6:56 pm, Blogger StopBeingCarbon said...

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At 9:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out 13&God. It's The Notwist collaborating with Anticon's Themselves. Very nice.

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