Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Art Of Easing

"He's mischievous, he's badly behaved," ponders 'Lib. "He's the reason I don't have to act shit out, huh huh huh." - Lib (Plan B)

Does comedy have a place in music? I'd say yes, but looking at the music I tend to listen to, no would probably be closer to the truth. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. I do know that you can't really answer the question without considering Madlib's incarnation as Quasimoto - you know, Lord Quas, The Loopdigga! The Beat Conductor. And, you get the idea. I read a fantastic Quasimoto interview in the most recent issue of Plan B which has not only forced me into digging out "The Unseen" but also reassess why at one point last year, you couldn't stop me playing this album. It's understating the obvious to say that I have always enjoyed this album, but you know, i've never really broken down why I love it so much. I suppose I was always of the opinion that it has a 'mood' that negates any real attempt to take it seriously. First impressions are that it's funny, and the humour is a really important aspect of the whole album, but I think i'm finally coming around to understanding it's twisted genius too.

You see, it plays at being cloying and overly simplistic, but at the same time it delivers some frankly amazing beats, choice sampling and seemingly inane lyrics: "I'm always lookin' under some girl's dress/ With a vest, cause some ducks wanna put me to rest/ Now I'm a soldier in the town drinkin' Butterfly Snapple/ I walk around the streets passin' out poisoned apples." It's nuts! An oddity then? You're damn right! Quasimoto is an oddity of comic book proportions. In fact, fuck, I loved Sin City but wouldn't it have been cool if they'd done something interesting with the music. I don't want to hear how it's noir, and silence is intergral to plot in offsetting the violent scenes with moments of contenplation. No, Robert Rodriguez should have have had Quasimoto blazing in the background - Well, it's an idea...I think it could've worked. The music though: If you can't get a handle on the vocals (electronically or helium altered, you decide.) then, I doubt I can say anything that will change your mind. It would be wrong to say his music is anything but an acquired taste, but hell, just listen to "Real Eyes" 'caus not only is it a highlight amongst an album of highlights, but it's jazz altered and perverse on the lyrical tip. Lord Quas, for life:

Quasimoto - Real Eyes feat Madlib

Look to Stones Throw Records or Amazon for all your Quasimoto needs.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news (or just telling you news you already know), but Hot Snakes are calling it a day. On brighter note, Breath of Life is fully endorsed this week. Check out the review for "Blowout Comb" because it's spot on. Classic album. Err yeah, I realise this must seem like a afterthought but get thee over to Strange Reaction for all your hard rocking needs. Ifankyou.


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