Friday, June 17, 2005

Nature In Focus

Grizzly Bear

In recent years Brooklyn, NY, has been garnering a high regard in many music circles, matching its older and wiser upstate cousins almost step for step. Animal Collective are the group seen to have mostly led that charge, mining in their wake a rich seam of psychedelia, folk and art-rock as they go. Their preference for the Lo-Fi aesthetic, when planning and executing a record has slowly dripped down the crag face and landed in the lap of Edward Droste.

Droste envisioned Grizzly Bear as a pet project, created in his bedroom studio, and for distribution amongst friends and family, but it began to take form and spread much further through word of mouth. During the next fifteen months, Droste utilized his home studio to create the bare bones of the album. Before inviting the aptly named Christopher Bear into his mini symphonic world to help him flesh out the project. Combining the existing melancholic tales with spase guitar, a smattering of keybord noise, treated 'found sounds' and his impressionistic drumming. "Horn of Plenty" began to take shap. A gothic psychedelic form of etherized avant folk was captured by the duo, a sound that fans of Sufjan Stevens, Syd Barratt, Nick Drake and The Unicorns eta al would love

It was then time for Droste and Bear to take the album out of the studio and into a plethora of venues. Whilst on their journeys, the duo has bolstered their numbers by adding two new members to the fold. Chris Taylor provides reeds and extra electronic manipulation. Dan Rossen takes up another vocal slot, and adds extra guitar to the music, creating in the process a more dynamic feel to creaky freak folk of the original source material.

Grizzly Bear - Fix It

Grizzly Bear - Owner Of A Lonely Heart

The album is available now direct from
Visit the band’s official website at


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Wowser this cover of the Yes song is ace, i always loved the track anyway and this gives it a whole new dimansion, cheers mr!

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