Thursday, June 09, 2005

Lost And Lookin'

If you do get the chance I recommend you check out Songs: Illinois and Domino Rally. Don't go now or anything, but they're generally bringing the noise and I remembered to mention them, so they must be worth it, right? Well...A slight change of pace today; If only to proove that I have soul :

Some events defy logic and reason. The circumstances surrounding the death of Sam Cooke, for instance, have, and continue to astound people. The official line is that he was shot three times in self defence; that he had tried to rape a Lisa Boyer in a hotel room; and was later killed after allegedly trying to attack the manager, Bertha Franklin. Far more likely, and often suggested is that Lisa Boyer - who herself was a well known prostitute and later for jailed for murder - stole his belongings and when Sam Cooke tried to follow her, was attacked by Bertha Franklin. We have to believe that she was either lied to or the two where in collusion with each other... What is certain is that these unbelievable events resulted in the death of Sam Cooke and were never investigated as throughly as they should have been. Like I was saying: It defies logic.

The music industry defies logic, but for an entirely different reason. Willie Hightower has recently been given the deluxe reissue treatment courtesy of London record label, Honest Jons , and as well as being heavily indebted to the music of Sam Cooke is as essential as a thousand essential records you'll hear this year - and all this from a label that has brought us Bettye Swannand Candi Stanton . Anyway, it's long overdue but hardly suprising either. Alabama’s son is one of the many forgotten men of Southern soul, but hopefully the next excerpt should persuade you enough to delve into his this fantastic eighteen song modern masterpiece. It contains his the only three singles he ever released and they alone are worth the price of the record. It's smooth, kids; with a capital "Smoo."

Willie Hightower - It's Too Late

Buy the Willie Hightower reissue at Amazon. You should probably buy all the Astralwerks southern soul series while you're at it. Thanks for reading.


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