Monday, June 06, 2005

I just don't care.

The Mae Shi were awesome the other night. Of course, they were modest heroes. They wanted to know why so many people have turned up see them play, only to be jubilantly greated with only really one discernable reply: "THE INTERNET!" They laughed amongst themsevelves, but while the trend is to downplay the appeal, I don't think you can really deny the "internet" influence either. Then again Terra: Torra and Rapider than Horse Power certainly got this hipster crowd worked up; and the people of Nottingham certainly turned out in full force to see these blissfully contented LA underdogs. I was still hungover from the night before, but I just somehow knew it would be worth it. Don't ask me why, but tonight Matthew (Kelly) "He's got the whole world in his hands!" Get that scene out of Con Air out of your minds! Concentrate.

I've mentioned they were great haven't I? Yeah, well let me elaborate. Ezra looks like Tray from The OC and sounds like Mark E Smith in bed with the Blood Brothers and cross breaded with the vocal styling of younger, more wiley, and definitely more angry Quasimoto - I don't know if helium was involved though. I had seen Oneida the night earlier (more tomorrow, If I can find the words to describe that experience), and while they clearly had the energy, The Mae Shi give it everything. This spazz core label is by it's very nature describing a sound that is DIY and "lo-fi" to an extreme, but it just seemed to work even better in a live setting. It worked incredibly well. They like hip-hop, they love Drive Like Yehu and they live to make noise - certainly band of extremities then. It doesn't matter if they spent $120 on the record - Terrorbird if you didn't know. All that matters is that they exist...

They exist to make short and snappy intense noise, and while a ton of people would question their talent, they cetainly make up for it in enthusiasm. Just ask the people on Saturday night if you don't believe me. I saw Joe Punish (Punish The Atom) squeem like Elspet Gray; Jeff made everybody in the front row sit down; and an awful lot of people were left thrashing around on the stage - actively seeking out for anything that made some kind of noise. Brad, who is the drummer, stripped, and took his drum kit apart during the last song until only on the cymbals were left. I don't think it was understating the obvious to say that they were great. GREAT! Oh, sid I mention that they're all brothers!?


The Mae Shi - You Can't Do That to an Axe

The Mae Shi are signed to 5RC so you can buy their record there. Alternatively you can check out their touring schedule, and pick their stuff up at a show. You might even be able to get them to scrawl over it for you!


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