Saturday, June 25, 2005

Fell, Destroyed.

First up, apologies for the lack of updates but you know how it is, right? I suppose posting something during the hottest week of the year so far, never really looked that good. First up i've literally been freaking out to the hellish guitar (They don't even have a bassist) sounds of Comanechi this week. Comanechi is the name of a gymnast who won a gold medal in the Montreal Olympic Games (she marked 10.00 for the first time in the Olympic history). The problem at the moment is that "One Pervert Knows Another" is impossible to get hold on any format, so I don't know if it is a perfect ten, and i've had to take solace with their seven inches instead - the second of which was released fairly recently. If you live in London, or generally well up on White Heat and Loose Lips Sink Ships or even your Artrocker news, then you're most probably aware of Comanechi anyway.

Comanechi are Akiko on Drums/Vocals and Simon on Guitar. This raging boy/girl two-piece have been destroying - mostly London - audiences with their screaming no-nonsense DIY punk for what seems like an eternity now, and it's finally time for the rest of us to catch up. Often descibed as a cross between Huggy Bear and Royal Trux, is half garage rock bliss (The Dirtbombs) and half art rock ala Afrirampo; switching between some primal screaming fuzzed up minimalist thing and something far more discernable, even catchy. They also look and play the part on screen, living out some alternative magazines dream band "look." Well, kinda. Actually, if you bare with me for a second i'm probably going to say something of worth now:

There are a lot bands around at the moment that are of their time. Micheal Hagarty has always said that Royal Trux weren't making music to scratch at some cultural stich in time. They were just doing their own thing, regardless of what else was happening. Now, the obvious criticism levelled at Comanechi is that they're just playing at being trendy and ripping off bands Royal Trux; but for while they might not be radiating with originality they're definitely doing their own thing. For me, they are geniune alternatives at the moment, and that's the only way Comanechi and Royal Trux are really the same. They're a band sure, but that's not be lazy here, because you might miss on something special.

Comanechi - Rude

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Comanechi - News, up and coming gigs etc
Royal Trux - For all your Royal Trux needs
Pure Groove - Buy at Pure Groove
Loose Lips Sink Ships - Look out for the sixth issue of LLSS


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