Monday, May 30, 2005

You know you want it, you want it, GET ON IT!

A few things: Dot to Dot came and went yesterday. What can I say? Punish the Atom, Black Wire, Jason and the Astronauts, Radio 4...The list goes on. The line-up was to die for; and lived up to all expectations. Jason & The Astronauts disco-tinged-punk-rock mayhem stood out in particular - I knew they'd be good. I knew I was looking forward to checking them out (so much so that I had to miss out on Snow White - who are amazing live too! ) but I never expected a set like that. To say they were good was an understatement; they were quite literally on it! Making their Nottingham debut (I think?), and showcasing some new material ("Dancing on the Grave of Mary Whitehouse") - it's not really like they had old material in the first place. Then again, there might be some people who managed to hear "Passe Disco" when I posted it on here, and the album has been out on Unlabel for a while... They need more gigs in the Midlands, so somebody make it happen. You won't regret it.

Right, down to business: If you haven't already hear Gssh! Gssh! Records, I think it's time you became aquainted with each other. This Madrid based label describe themselves as a pretty little underground label, but what they lack in stature they certainly make up in quality. Delorean for instance. This band are probably best described as Jason the Astronauts foreign counterparts - really, these kids from Zarautz could even be related. Of course, they reference all good stuff (PiL, Devo, early Cure, Gang of Four - which rhymes), but they also twist and turn it into more than a camp disco freakout. Dark electronic synths shrowd deep cutting baselines, and looping noises that threaten to consume all; unless we keep on dancing. If you like Cut-Copy, Delorean are a fantasy, the dream. I suspect it won't be too long before they fall under the hype bubble.

Delorean - NYO Gaps

You can make a purchase at the Gssh! Gssh! .

That's right Delorean have an album and it's out RIGHT NOW


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