Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Stop-start again

Just a quick post today i'm afraid.

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Actually, there isn't that much I tell about DDD (Daryl Wollaston) except for that this recording combines as his first release and as the first official release on British indie label One Hundred Records. His music has come as somewhat of a relevation to me over the past days - I have John Brainlove to thank for that - and is the kind of distorted lo-fi acoustic ramblings that you would have expected to hear from Spoon or Love As Laughter a few years ago. Of course, the vocals are far more warped and strained here, and Daryl Wollaston exuberant manic ramblings and spikey guitars lend themselves more to punk rock than indie, but it's certainly something i'd like to hear more of. Check it out for yourselves. Well, that is if you like short acoustic blasts of raw attitude and undeniable talent. Just nod your head, eh?

DDD - Can't Explain

Buy I Can't Explain for a measily £2 at Rough Trade. C'mon, it's a Bargain!

Want some brain power? Check it: Brainlove Webzine


At 5:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog never ceased to make me go "oooooh"

At 8:50 pm, Anonymous John Brainlove said...

I Googled myself and found this! Thanks for the "shout out". DDD is great isn't it. I have been bugging him to make more music!

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