Sunday, May 01, 2005


Woah! If you haven't already caved into the hype surrounding the Edan album, then you should check out the article posted on Spoilt Victorian Child earlier this week. I'll tell you now, "Beauty and the Beat" is fast becoming one of my favourite releases of the year - I know, I know, I say that a lot. There was also a great track I heard on Teaching The Indie Kids to Dance Again last week by a band called Midnight Movies (I still have to follow that one up actually..).

The Shocking Pinks sound like The Cure, Joy Division, and Gang of Four, with a slight difference - they're better. Why can't they be better? Alright, they're from New Zealand, so what? You can't blame them for, err, somebody help me out..? I can't remember the name of the band. The NME liked them last year (for a couple of months)...They were that memorable. Anyway, i'm not talking about them. The Shocking Pinks. Yes, them again. Ok, they may or may not be better the aforementioned bands, but they certainly transcend their influences. That is, they at least try to create their own sound. I know, it's inconceivable! That's probably not fair, but i'm not prepared to retract any of that either. I'd take this record over the offering from !!! (Chk Chk Chk) too. It just has that raw sound nailed. Gargantuan, you might say. Sorry, I just gave myself the opportunity to use that word, did you see that?

Dance The Electric Dance gives the impression of a kind of a run of the mill electroclash album - whatever that actually means - but it really isn't. If you read any information about this band on the net (few and far between), although it's their debut album, the members of this band are themselves accomplished musicians; and feature ex-members of The Brunettes and Solaa. What I mean to say is: it doesn't sound like a debut album. They obviously thrive on improvisation, which works extremely well on the album; making it once funky and disco like. But i'd consider it fairly unique, regardless of all the other bands they have been compared to. I'd definitely recommend this to anybody who bought the new DFA Compilation/ Controller.Controller EP, it's more "earthly" but they certainly have that dance-punk mode switched fully on at all times. I've actually heard that the band are either in hiatus or that they've broken up all together; I don't even think they were happy with the sound of the album, but if you ask me, err...Just check out those baselines...

The Shocking Pinks - Lovehate

But for information on how to buy the album click here Hipsters ready. Set. Go (their homepage)


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