Thursday, May 19, 2005

Drink that, it's milk

Quest Let's try to disregard the mythical status that Oasis seem to occupy in this country for a minute. I was played "This God Thinks i'm Able" the other day and couldn't help think that if someone else had written that - don't ask me who, I don't know - it could be huge. It's exactly the sort of stuff they should be making now. Honestly, if they kept their heads down and wrote music like this then everything else would be forgotten; but since they're clearly not going to do this any time soon, maybe I should just keep my mouth shut.They have a niche in the market, and we'll leave it at that, shall we? I'm far more interested in the Kieran Hebden's work for instance. You listen to Four Tet and you're searching for influences. I mean, you're actively looking for his musical references, and to form an impression of where he gets his ideas and what he could be listening to. Actually, you don't have to do any of this, but if you are a nerd like me then you appreciate the way in which he pushes boundaries and that he's restless in all the right ways. He complained in a recent interview that the "folktronica" moinker even annoys him. Well, the world would be a lot duller without characters like Dan Snaith and Kieran Hebden - even if they are only enjoyed in ever depreciating circles. Or just mine.

Well, down to business. I hear Apples in Stereo are reforming for a few shows in US over the summer and I wanted to write something about them. I didn't actually realise this until the other day, but I probably first heard Robert Schneider and co in The Adventures of Pete and Pete (I should have dedicated a whole week of posts to the show you know). Magnetic Fields and a whole host of other bands and artist contributed music to the show, and you can't comprehend how important music was to these episodes. It really is quite impressive when you think about it. I hear that the OC (I still haven't watched an episode yet) has been given permission to use music from bands like Interpol and The Arcade Fire. They're hoping OC fans will buy the soundtrack and become interested enough to buy their material - Of course, you already know that. I doubt that was the primary motivation in Robert Schneider giving Pete and Pete permission to use their music, but I suppose it all works in the same way and i'm trying to build this into something bigger than it really is. The point is: music. Yes, music. There are a lot of people who could tell you a whole lot more about Elephant Six than me and the other bands on their rosta. Neutral Milk Hotel are synonmous with the label, and everybody has to like "The Aeroplane Over the Sea", don't they? Yeah, it's an unwritten rule to acknowledge that record. The same goes for "Spiderland". If I was going to include an album that Pitchfork and other magazines often leave out of their "lists" i'd have to include "Fun Trick Noisemaker." I just think as first albums go, it's got to up there. An accidental classic if you will. I wouldn't say it was lost or even misunderstood entirely, but I listened to it again recently and honestly can't escape the harmonies and hooks in these songs.

Whether it be the crashing cymbals in "She's just like me/Talking" or the guitar riffs in "Winter Must Be Cold" I defy you to listen to these songs without smiling; you just instantly fall in love with this album - I'm not talking in superlatives here either; Well, if I am, I can't help it. Psych pop might have sounded better, but i'd say Apples in Stereo aim to take it somewhere else here. Slightly garagey in parts; I wish I listened to music like this when I was a kid....I'd also like to say that while I actually kinda like the new Coral track that's playing everywhere at the moment, you should probably just go out and buy the real thing. That's if you don't want to hear the annoying piano sounds - that sound like steel drums?

Pretty much essential, yeah.

Apples in Stereo - Tidal Wave

Visit Apples in Stereo and buy here


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