Saturday, May 21, 2005

Dance: bitch!

The Chinese Stars were formed last year from the ashes of Arab on Radar and Six Finger Satellite. While Six Finger Satellite kinda fizzled out a couple of years ago, Craig Kureck and Eric Paul disbanded Arab on Radar during a wave a relative popularity for the band, and a lot of people were suprised. Fortunately, when people first heard The Chinese Stars, all was forgotten. Well, that was until they released their first record. Don't you find it's pretty hard to keep folk interested after you released an EP? The Moving Units are generally regarded as fucking up in this regard. They waited around too long to release their debut after an excellent EP. Of course, this would have been ok if they hadn't just released an extended version of the EP years later. Nobody is interested it that shit. Turbo Mattress for instance, had been greeted with raptuous praise, but the critics either had serious reservations or plain hated A Rare Sensation. It didn't tend to involve a tirade against the band, but it was acknowledged that the variety and spontiety of their live shows - and of Turbo Mattress - just didn't translate to the full length. Which a roundabout way of saying they were lazy and made a run of the mill "dance-punk" record.


I don't agree. The record sounds like Prince fronting Les Savy Fav whilst in bed with The Mae Shi's spazzed out imrovisations. Others would say it's Arab on Radar albeit with a slightly more polished electro sound, and that kinda rings true too, but at least they're not fucking up like The Faint did. Err, so yeah, while they're more accesible, the part filthy and part non sensical lyrics are by no means the standard in any New York-lite band at the moment either. In short: if you want to hear some needle down funk-punk driven mayhem, then The Chinese Stars are clearly the guys for you. They're touring like mad at the moment, so check out their live page to see if they're playing near you anytime soon. I'm going to post a track off the album, and hopefully it will sway you enough to check out either the EP on the album. Hell, if you can catch them live anytime soon you could probably pick up both on the cheap, so do that.

The Chinese Stars- Electrodes in Captivity

Actually, you lucky lucky people, i'm gonna leave you with the fucked up sounds of Arab on Radar. If the photo above doesn't already suggest that these guys might be lunatics, the track below proves it. Prepare yourself for a complete lack of melody, mumbled riffs, fractured vocals and lots of disortion. Woohooo!

Arab on Radar - My Mind is a Muffler

Buy from Insound, kids. Oh, and thanks for reading.


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