Thursday, April 14, 2005

You're a Cockeyed Cookie Pusher

A couple of us embarked on a bit of road-trip to Nottingham the other night to catch Fog in a rare UK performance (Damn You!). This time it was based at the downstairs of the Cabaret and what fun we had finding it - well, more fun than finding a parking space let me tell you! So what else did the night have to offer, I hear you cry? FIRE! A BLAZING INFERNO!? No, we all had to be evacuated due to the threat of fire, but there wasn't one. It scored three fire engines though. The guys from Fog took great pride in having their photos taken alongside said fire engines, whilst smoking; they also never tired of mentioning the fire - which never happened - whenever the opportunity arose during their set: "Did you guys check out the fire?"

Yeah, you really had to be there....

Fog aka Andrew Broder, is supposedly grounded in the world of lo-fi, post rock and turntablism, but in reality, well, they don't really have clear allegiences to any musical genre. I was told they they sound like - or have a least been compared - to artists like Will Oldham, Neutral Milk Hotel and Pavement, and you know, that stirs your curiousity but they've got be compared to someone, haven't they? The worlds of electronica, hip-hop and post-rock really are tinkered with to a ridiculous degree; and while that's clearly how it should be, not many bands can pull it off, especially live. Fortunately, these guy do! Something interesting has either happened, or is just around the corner, and i've never seen anybody use a turntable as an instrument quite like Andrew Broder does. Disturbingly different, you might say. Anyway, their new album: "10th Avenue Freakout," is out the US now, and everywhere else in a couple of weeks - they have been selling copies at their shows, but everyone else will have to wait.

Fog - Pneumonia

Visit Fog online. You can actually buy (pre-order) the new album from their site, along with their other releases, of course.


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