Saturday, April 30, 2005

What, Man? Who Are You?!

I'm writing this and I already feel like a fraud. "School of the Flower," Ben Chasny's fifth album as Six Songs of Admittance - and first for Drag City - has been out for months. If that weren't enough, nearly every single music publication I hold in asteem places it in high regard, while I myself am only just coming to terms with the beauty and influences that his records lays bare. First impressions must center on the artwork. It recalls a Haruki Murakami novel, which really does mean something when your waiting to hear the album for the first time. Yeah yeah, you might not think it does, but it does. Incidentally, there have been some great album covers this year, haven't there? Edan, Panico, Six Songs of Admittance, Carribou...The music! John Fahey springs to mind, but there is also so much more to come to terms with. If you don't already know, Ben Chasny is a fully fledged touring member of sonic terroists Comets on Fire, and if that weren't enough, he is also an extremely prolific artist in his own right; even so, you can't help feel that this, his first release on Drag City has really allowed him so more room to manoever. Well, I say that but I don't think i've ever heard an album that's so understated and so knowing all at once, so go figure. Writers like Michael Crumsho and Brandon Stosuy are far more usefull in communicating how far Ben Chasny's influences reach. I often feel that the word acclectic is too overused a word, but it really is appropriate when describing this artists work. He appropriates the muse of a folk singers like Drake and Fahey, but has obviously been left changed through his time with Comets on Fire and as a great admirer modern folk and pycadelic pioneers, Ghost. Incidentally, "School of the Flower" is this years "Hypnotic Underworld," if you haven't heard either, buy both?

The following track,, as the first track on the album, is pretty indicative of the general sound that washes over you. Acoustic guitars colliding with electric guitars, organ sounds and hushed vocals. Pretty fucking great, basically.

Six Songs of Admittance - Eighth Cognition / All You've Left

(Buy Six Songs of Admittance releases here)

Two more things:

If you're in Nottingham on Sunday it can only be for one reason, but in case you forget (like you ever could): Damn You! excitedly present: WEIRD WAR/ !FORWARD RUSSIA!

You Know Yer Indie. Let's Sub-Categorize.

You're a True Punk. You know that punk isn't all
about studded jackets and mohawks. If you're
political, you're actually informed. Most of
the stuff you love is from before the 80s,
though you know bands like Fugazi kept the
spirit going.


At 5:12 pm, Blogger Brian W said...

The mp3 download link appears to be busted. It tries to load a file that's just called "Eighth."

At 5:15 pm, Blogger ½ Red Water said...

punk is shit. that is all

At 6:03 pm, Blogger StopBeingCarbon said...

The link should work now.

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