Saturday, April 16, 2005

Shot Hot Splitter to God

I've been regressing back into dirge of garage rock this week - if you excuse the Herbie Hancock meanderings - and well, it's been great. Reigning Sound for instance: Unabashadly reverencial and impossibly retro Stones worshipers; they're clearly not the bullprint or the standard; not even Roger Sargent couldn't change that: but what would I know, i'm not a genius like he is. Well, I still think they have something, so here we are. Actually, i'm being rather refrained. No, they have more than something. Why else would I be writing this for you to consume and dismiss? No, they're the crude, the clang and the beating heart - that's better. Never afraid to crank thinks up a notch, the sweet sound of dissonance and the sound of their buzzing guitar riffs is both immediate and long lasting; one spin of their most recent album, "Too Much Guitar" is enough to substaniate they're not just about clever album titles. The album runs in at just under forty minutes, but in that time you listening to some the sweetest stripped down rock and roll, that as just as good as those golden oldies - don't let anybody else tell you different.

Reigning Sound - You've Got Me Hummin

Their website can be found here. Anybody wishing to follow up on the excellent "Too Much Guitar" can do so, here


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