Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ear bleeding blues rip-offs

I actually think that Eric B & Rakim's "Follow the Leader" is more rock and roll than a lot music that claims to be nowadays. Ok, so it's not a new album, and it's officially a hip-hop record, but it's edgy and it takes chances with the material. I don't know. They probably wouldn't be happy with that statement, but it's just something that I felt when I heard it earlier. Anyway, i'd like to preface this entry by thanking Stylus/Stypod for their Austrialian underground article. In effect, I'm really just continuing - or rather, sustaining - what they've already started. I just felt like I had to throw my two cents (pence) in.

They say that good records make you lose all sense of time. Well, the record i've been listening to today makes you lose all semblance of time, place and your own identity; so if you like the idea of that, keep reading. I wouldn't call it genre bending as such, but making music in the vein of Beefheart, "Sister" era Sonic Youth and your more disturbed Delta blues figureheads will never be the standard, will it? Bird Blobs have been around for years and in that time recorded three albums. (even if a lot of the other information i've read seems to suggest that they've only recorded two albums, but you know, investigate further if you wish.) I don't think you can argue that their doing their own thing though. It's music that touches on those childhood nightmares that you think you've forgotten about until they suddenly pop up in your head again - now that would be a cool health warning

The subject matter is dark, the the music is frightening, and well, that's supposedly the idea. Tim Evans (Guitarist/ Vocalist) was quick to explain in a an interview with Australian magazine last year that he sees the band moving away to a fully formed polished sound to something more primal. He actually used the word ugly though. Ugly? Disonant surges of Dinosaur Jr like wall to wall noise. It's repulsive and uncompromising, of course it's ugly. I love it. You can read the full article here. That interview was taken when "Stihl Life" was originally released, a lot of what he talks about still rings true in their new material. There are hooks there if your willing to explore the weird and warped weird of Bird Blobs. Join me. The following track is pretty indicative of the sound they have. Jagged blues inflenced garage rock complete with the drone of Robert Johnson's ghost, or Iggy Pop after a mammoth alcohol and drugs fulled session.

Bird Blobs - Nuthin at All

To visit their website, click here. Take a trip over to Rough Trade to make a purchase.


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