Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Where's my pen? = Need New Body

The Slits It's Wednesday, and i've already seen Need New Bodyand Love As Laughter. It almost makes up for missing out on ATP - almost. Anyway, on Monday I caught Need New Body, Dragon or Emperor, Spin Spin The Dogs and the Fabulous Foxes. The support bands were about as great as their band names suggest. *ahem* Spin Dogs: "Two peanuts are walking down the street, one gets asaulted." (The singer also liked to crawl around on the floor?); the Fabulous Foxes' set was literally ten minutes long (I've no idea what happened there, I would have liked more); and Dragon or Emperor were literally "amazing" in a not too uncommon two-piece set up: think Pere Udu/That Fucking Tank. So yeah, a good night to be had by all - I think the plan was to make it a sit down gig, but there were just too many people in the end. Err so yeah, that was Monday night basically. Incidentally, i've had internet problems over the past couple of days, so apologies for the lack of updates.

Hmmm, what can I tell you about Need New Body...This Philadelphia outfit have are the ultimate "disco-punk-cum-Beefheart-nonsense party band." Signed to and doing a fantastic job of representing Pickled Egg Records - in Leicester - They represent the nemesis of everything that claims to be alternative in the world. So much so that they've been namechecked as one of the top fifty live bands in the world today -although I don't really know if this is true or not. Their music is a patchwork of humour, improvisation, madness and catchiness (?)...I'm struggling. Sam Jayne was wearing a NNB t-shirt when I saw L/A/L last night, so what are you waiting for? Listen to the damn track already and stop reading this!

Need New Body - Show Us Your Heart

Support Nigel at Pickled Egg records and buy the NNB records at the label site: Here


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