Sunday, March 06, 2005

This is how he rips shit

The Slits I'd like to preface this next entry by apologising if this artist has been covered via Soulsides (I'm almost certain that O-dub has covered The Hieroglyphics, and it is his town) or even Cocaine Blunts. I doubt i'll be the last blogger to cover this artist anyway. Casual was a member of the Hieroglyphics crew, and well-known associate of Del and the Souls of Mischief. This Oakland raised emcee has been releasing albums and putting down rappers for over a decade now. His debut ("Fear Itself") was released in 1994 on Jive and while it may not have made the dollar it certainly established him as a heavyweight lyricist (And since I'm-a rhy-mer, I need to take time to give niggaz reminders/ Who's the best, confuse the rest/ Abuse crews with the news they paid dues to my death/ slept on, long enough/So now I pissed the stronger stuff") and mcee. Casual revealed a deftness for trading witty rhymes with other less worthy rappers; and while always done with a a gruff vocal style and unique sense of humour, "Fear Itself" makes for a moody and often confrontational listening experience.

Of course, it's not all about this deep voiced Oakland emcees lyrical wordplay. The production while not too dismilar from other Hieroglyphics albums of the period, is built on deep funk, soul and some lush horns, vibes, guitar sounds. I just hope you don't scare easily:

Casual - We Got it Like That

The Hieroglyphics site has everything you need. Discographies, Biographies, merchandise...Everything.


At 3:59 am, Blogger Oliver said...

1) Actually, I haven't done a Hieros post outside of posting up some old Hiero vs. Hobo freestyles.

2) Love Casual - my fave Hiero member.

3) LOVE this song, one of my favorites off the album. Roy Ayers is not to be fucked with.


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