Monday, March 14, 2005

Miminalist pop

Alice Fox------> Percussion, vocals
Jane Fox-------> Bass
Tracey Thorn---> Guitar, vocals

I'm probably speaking out of turn here, but i've never understood the cult status that Young Marble Giants seem to have. Why do people like "Colossal Youth" so much? Ok, it's different, i'll give you that. clearly that record has got a real do-it-yourself sound, and the music screams with originality, but it just doesn't get interesting. I don't know. It's almost like it's so different, so raw, and so challenging - in an anti-pop sort of way - that people don't want to question how repetitive, simplistic and dull the music really is. To me, that album just says: we can't play our instruments, but look past that, because we're just like you guys; we're really authentically different: we're really new-wave. No, I don't buy into that. Maybe if I was from the same town in Wales that they were from, I could relate to how revolutionary (?) they were for a couple of years? YMG sang about applying for bank loans, loneliness, boyfriends, and Alison Statton really just mumbles her lyrics lazily to the music... Oh, I don't know, "Include me Out" and "Brand New Life " are kinda cool, but a whole album of this stuff...Maybe i'll "get" it one day.

Ah well, I say all that, but the Young Marble Giants did go some way to influence a band that has made an impression on me over the past few weeks: The Marine Girls. In fact, in Stuart Moxham they even share the same producer. They're undoutedly influenced by Young Marble Giants; *ahem* similar in style, tone, and structure, but are a lot more engaging, despite their obvious and often striking musical shortcomings. Don't get me wrong, you could critcize "Lazy Ways" for the same reason that I have criticized "Collosal Youth." It has that same arkwardly melodic sound; most the tracks run at under two minutes long; and err, they're not cool to listen to. I mean, they weren't fashionable then, and they're certainly not now. Nevertheless, I like their sound, and they have the songs to pull it off. As a matter of fact, Kurt Cobain liked both of these bands. Now, while I don't like the mythical status he seems to hold now, but he did like some good bands and was a fan - first and foremost.

The Marine Girls - Falling Again

Buy the Marine Girls albums: Lazy Ways / Beach Party here. They're actually avaliable as a double cd. Ooooh...


At 9:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

quality blog you got going there.....good to see that there's others in Leicester who don't need their ears cleaning out.

have to disagree with you on Young Marble Giants though....give it a bit more time. i grew up in the village where 'Colossal Youth' was recorded (The Fall, Essential Logic, Delta 5, Au Pairs, PopGroup also came up to was a fantastic time) and we went up to see them during recording, it really was quite unique at that moment in time.

just read your nottingham entry.....seems that Wolves have gone separate ways.....not sure on the reasons though.



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